The 1st drop


10000 remaining.

10000 planets to build your own solar system.

10% redistributed to each Simple Planet every mint.

10% to random minters at different milestones.

100 BNB to be given to random minters.

0.10 BNB + trasaction fees
No Connection
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  • 10,000 ERC-721 NFTs.
  • Randomly generated.
  • 9 different properties.
  • 99 random options.
  • 0.10 BNB per Simple Planet.
  • Every mint is a random planet.
  • Discounts for owners for future drops.
  • Chainlink VRF random number for lottery.
  • Lots of different rarities.
  • 3D conversion in the works.
  • Build your own Universe!

Coming Soon

Some of our future plans.
Working towards a customizable, ownable, explorable, and 3D Universe.


Q1 2022
A marketplace will get added to this website for users to buy and sell Simple Planets and other future drops of the universe.

3D Conversion

Q3 or Q4 2022
Owner will be able to convert their 2D Simple Planet to a 3D version. The 2D Simple Planet will be burned.

More Universe Drops

Summer 2022
Drops will be announced at a later date. Simple Planet holders will get a discount on the next drops.

Universe Builder

A builder for holder so create a universe with their Simple Planets and coming drops.


Coming soon
We would like to add staking to our project. We aren't sure where we want to add it yet. It might be added for special drops or a part of the universe builder.

2D and 3D Viewer

Coming soon
A way to view a whole universe. The 3D version will be like a game were users can fly around and explore a universe. Might add gamification, but will need more planning to confirm.